Consumer Protection Fact Sheet - Home Improvement Transients

As sure as the summer brings tourists to Wisconsin, it also brings transient (temporary) home improvement workers and scams. These rip-off artists will probably hit your community.

Transient contractors specialize in blacktopping driveways, installing lightning rods, painting, roofing and siding.

Their work and materials are inferior. They are likely to steal from you.

Consumers who pay for what they think is a bargain price for blacktopping may soon have dandelions growing through their driveways. Homes may need repainting after the next rainfall.

Or the cost of the job may rise considerably after the work is performed and the consumer may be intimidated into paying the increase.

Transients hit an area, take the money, and run. Frequently they know the quickest route to the banks in your area to cash checks.

Transients lure you with a "free inspection" which could result in damage to your property.

If transients come to your door:

  • Do not give into their high-pressure tactics.

  • Do not let them in your home.

  • They are experts at finding and taking valuables.

  • Determine the make and model of their vehicles and get license plate numbers, and alert local law enforcement.

  • Call the police immediately if they begin to do a job without your authorization.

If you need home improvement work done:

  • Contact a local business.

  • Get recommendations from friends and neighbors. It is not always wise to hire an unknown door-to-door seller for home improvement work.

  • Contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection to find out if there are complaints on file against the contractor.