​​All of the following are required:

  • Current certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI)
  • Tuberculosis (TB) test (triple trunk wash culture method), in compliance with the USDA Guidelines for the Control of Tuberculosis in Elephants 2010 requirements, within the past 12 months - the test dates and results of all TB tests must be included on the CVI. Copies of all trunk washes and serum tests from the previous 12 months must be provided with the import permit application.
  • A signed statement from the animal owner regarding any exposure of elephants to elephants known to be infected with tuberculosis (culture positive) within the past 5 years. 
    • Additional T​B testing may be required prior to entry of any animals that have had previous exposure to TB.
  • Import permit

Not required: 

  • Other tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Specific statements (this includes animals coming from a region with vesicular stomatitis)