ATCP 50: Wisconsin's Soil and Water Resource Management Rule

​​​​ATCP 50 is the administrative rule used by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection to implement state and federal laws. It covers soil and water resource management grants to counties, county resource management planning, conservation compliance for farmland preservation tax credits, local ordinances, nutrient management and other conservation practices. DATCP cooperates with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, county land conservation committees and other agencies to administer conservation programs. 

Effective February 1, 2018, ATCP 50 has been revised to incorporate the 2015 NRCS 590 Standard for nutrient management. Documents here and on our nutrient management pages reflect those changes.

Guidance Documents for Current ATCP 50

DATCP grants and program funding

Land and water resource management planning, regulation and conservation engineering

Farm conservation standards

Information Incorporated by Reference

Primary and secondary technical standards incorporated by reference

Soil Testing Laboratory Certification Application

Approved Soil Testing Laboratories

NRCS 561 - Heavy Use Area Protection

UW-EX Milking Center Wastewater Guidelines

590 Standard (2015)

590 Technical Note and Appendices 2-3

590 Technical Note Appendix 1

590 Checklist

UW-EX Nutrient Application Guidelines for Field, Fruit and Vegetable Crops (A2809) (2006)

UW-EX Nutrient Application Guidelines for Field, Fruit and Vegetable Crops (A2809) (2012)

Farmland Preservation Program Certificate of Conservation Compliance

SWRM Grant Program Working Manual

Engineering Certification Form 

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