Farmland Preservation: Conservation Compliance

​​​​​​​Landowners who claim a farmland preservation tax credit must comply with Wisconsin soil and water conservation standards. If they are claiming the credit under an agreement signed or amended in 2009 or later, they must certify on their tax returns that they comply with these standards. Certification requires that:

  • Their land already meets the agricultural performance standards (see right), or
  • They have a schedule of how and when they will meet the standards, with a deadline set by their county

​County land conservation departments monitor compliance and issue certificates, with an inspection at least once every four years. Farmers who do not meet standards must address the problem or receive a notice of noncompliance, which will also notify the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Once the farmer is back in compliance, the Department of Revenue will be notified.

Landowners must contact the land conservation office in the county where the farmland is located to get a certificate of compliance. You can find your land conservation office in the WI Land + Water Directory.

​​​NEW! Farmland Preservation Program Legislative Updates

​On December 6, 2023, Governor Evers signed Assembly Bill 133, now Wisconsin Act 42, which makes changes to farmland preservation agreements minimum term lengths and increasing farmland preservation tax credits for all current participants. These changes go into effect starting on December 8​, 2023 and will affect tax credit claims beginning tax year 2023.  

Check out the Legislative Updates to the Farmland Preservation Program handout for more information.​