Movement Rules: Swine Moving Within Wisconsin to Any Market Where All Swine on the Market Premises the Day of the Sale are Shipped Directly to Slaughter

Commercial swine moving within Wisconsin to any market where all swine on the market premises the day of the sale are shipped directly to slaughter have the following requirements:

  • Testing for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) is not required for swine to go to the market for slaughter sales (where all swine on the premises the day of the sale move from the market directly to slaughter).  To avoid the need for testing, these animals must arrive at and leave the market on the day of the sale.

  • Slaughter swine from herds that have tested negative within 90 days prior to movement or are moving in accordance with an approved herd plan may arrive at the market prior to the slaughter sale day.  In these cases documentation of the negative test results or the approved herd plan must be made available.

  • Other swine that may arrive at the market for other sale days may not arrive at the market until all slaughter swine have left the premises.

  • No health certificates or testing documents are required.