Movement Rules: Swine Imported Directly to Slaughter in Wisconsin

​​Swine imported directly to a slaughtering establishment are not required to have official individual ID, disease testing, or a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI). However, the​y must meet federal regulations. A slaughtering establishment means a facility to slaughter animals that is licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection or that is subject to inspection by USDA. 

Federal rules require the following:

  • Paperwork (e.g., yarding receipt, sale ticket, waybill, bill of lading, bill of sale) that includes all of the following:
    • Location, including street address, from which the animals originated
    • Animal identification numbers, when required.
  • Except for swine that are kept as a group from birth through slaughter without any mixing with swine from other premises, only one of the following types of identification is required:
    • Official identification
    • Slaughter identification:
      • Official backtags
      • Premises identification number (PIN) tags. Note that many slaughter establishments require​ PIN tags. 
      • Tattoos consisting of the PIN number or feeder swine number assigned by the state veterinarian of the state of origin.