Swine Imported from a Commingled Market/Auction/Sale/Exhibition (Including Swine Returning to Wisconsin from Exhibitions/Shows)

Commercial swine commingled at a market/auction/sale/exhibition moving to or returning to a farm in Wisconsin must have the following:

  • Certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) with the complete physical origin and physical destination address and the following information:

    • Due to the need to add Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) statements and test results, Wisconsin is not accepting reconsigned CVIs for swine. A new CVI from the commingled market/auction/sale/exhibition to the Wisconsin destination is required.

    • Official identification (one of the following):

      • USDA ear tag number – number must begin with a state 2-digit code followed by 2 or 3 letters and 4 numbers

      • USDA “840” ear tag number

      • Ear notch (if the pig is a purebred and the ear notch is registered)

      • A tattoo or an ear tag with the premises identification number and a unique identifier (a tag without the premises ID number is not sufficient)

      • ​Breed association tattoo​
      • Feeder swine:

        • If the animals are 80 pounds or less, individual ID is not required but the premises identification number or state-issued code of the premises of origin must be on the animals (ear tag or tattoo)

        • If the animals are more than 80 pounds, each animal must have official individual ID as noted above

    • Testing for PRRS and PEDv as follows:

      • All pigs commingled at the market/auction/sale/exhibition originate from herds that have had a negative test within 90 days prior to the sale – no import permit required.  For the pigs for which the CVI is written, include the PRRS and PEDv test type, date and results on CVI.

    • Statement on the CVI by the market/auction/sale/exhibition veterinarian that all swine at the event originate from herds that have tested negative to PRRS and PEDv within 90 days prior to import.

    • Statement on the CVI that there are no clinical signs of PRRS and PEDv at the time of inspection.

    • Import permit required for swine that originate from a herd that tested positive for PRRS or PEDv  or originating from a market/auction/sale/exhibition at which all swine did NOT test negative within 90 days prior to import.

      • See resources in the right-hand column for information on quarantines, testing, and herd plans after import.

    • For swine originating in Wisconsin and returning to Wisconsin after an exhibition in another state, contact us prior to returning to Wisconsin. You may contact us prior to leaving to have a herd plan developed prior to the out of state show to avoid a quarantine upon return. These swine can return on the same CVI, if valid, that accompanied the animal out of state.