Material Approvals

Wisconsin Administrative Code ATCP 93 Flammable, Combustible and Hazardous Liquids​ requires certain system components, concepts, and methodologies to have Wisconsin Material Approval from Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) Storage Tank Regulation prior to being incorporated into system design or use.

Applications for ATCP 93 Material Approvals can be obtained by completing and submitting the formal Material Approval Application (Word Version PDF Version).​

Material Approvals have a three year life at which time they must be updated and renewed. The links below contain lists of Material Approval documents in Adobe.pdf format. Current approvals are listed by five separate classifications. Expired Material ​Approvals are not separated by classification. These Material Approvals are for information only. Signed copies are available from the manufacturers or DATCP upon request.

General Note on Leak Detection Approvals:

The purpose of a DATCP Leak Detection Material Approval is to verify ATCP 93 compliance of a leak detection methodology from a particular manufacturer at the time the equipment is sold. Leak detection equipment or methodology may continue to be used in accordance with approval, even after the expiration of the approval providing that all of the following conditions are met:

  • it had Material Approval at the time it was purchased from the manufacturer
  • it is not altered or upgraded
  • ​the applicable code requirements for the leak detection method have not changed
  • The manufacturer is no longer producing or selling the equipment

The Material Approval is applicable to leak detection equipment that is installed in a system as well as equipment that is moved from site to site, such as precision tightness equipment used for annual tank or pipeline tightness testing. New equipment sold or permanently installed by vendors associated with a required Material Approval that has expired will not be recognized as code compliant. For example, as long as you are no longer selling new equipment in Wisconsin or have not upgraded your current equipment to your Wisconsin users, then you do not have to renew you Material Approval. If in the future you decide to sell or upgrade the equipment for use in Wisconsin, then a new Material Approval will be required at that time.

Material Approval Quick References