Petroleum / Hazardous Liquids Storage Tanks Overview

Retail Fueling Facility Compliance Training for Owners and Operators Coming This Summer! 

For additional information, a training schedule of dates and locations, and the required registration form, please see our Training and Continuing Education page.

The Bureau of Weights and Measures has developed a Retail Fuel Facility Compliance Guide to accompany these training sessions with the goal of increasing compliance and owner/operator understanding of the regulations that impact their business.

 Retail Fueling Facility Compliance Guide for Owners and Operators

The Bureau of Weights and Measures is responsible for the administration and regulation of the Wisconsin Administrative Code ATCP 93 - Flammable and Combustible Liquids. The Bureau’s administrative and regulatory functions include:

  • Reviewing of system design plans for storage or dispensing system installation, modification or upgrade

  • Permitting and registration of aboveground and underground flammable and combustible liquid storage tanks

  • Inspection of flammable and combustible liquid storage tank systems

  • Maintaining the statewide aboveground and underground storage tank database

  • Adoption of technical standards

  • Credentialing individuals and companies working in storage tank-related specialties

  • Administering ATCP 93 Local Program Operator agents

For questions or to file a weights and measures or fuel quality complaint, call (608) 224-4942 or email

Contact Us

Weights and measures state inspectors, licensing/permit staff, local program operator, and bureau management phone and email information

A/B/C Operator Training Requirements

Information on Wisconsin storage tank A/B/C operator training requirements

Alternative Fuels and Fueling Facilities

Information on the requirements for selling alternative fuels and installing/converting alternative fueling equipment and facilities

Certification Info for Storage Tank Service Companies and Technicians

Information on Wisconsin storage tank company and technician credentials, continuing education requirements, and tank specialty firm query

Find a Certified Storage Tank Specialty Firm or Technician

Links to listings of tank specialty firms, and technicians by certification type who are credentialed to perform work on storage tank systems regulated under Wisconsin Administrative Code ATCP 93

Resources for Owners and Operators

Operational information for owners and operators, including facts sheets, FAQs, and helpful links

Storage Tank Database (searchable)

PLEASE NOTE: this searchable database of registered in-use, temporarily-out-of-service (TOS), and closed storage tanks was last updated 12/12/2016. A new database is under construction. If you need current information, please call 608-224-4942 and select option 3. 

NOTE:  If you wish instead to download a .zip file containing a list of all of the tanks in the database, click here.  This .zip file is nearly 8 MB and expands to 50 MB when unzipped. 

Storage Tank Forms

Registration, installation, inspection, testing, financial responsibility, operator training, closure, material approval, variance, and important building determination forms

Storage Tank Laws & Regulations

Links to storage tank-related state and federal laws and regulations

Storage Tank Permit & Registration

Information specific to Wisconsin storage tank registration, permit-to-operate, and financial responsibility requirements

Training and Continuing Education Information

Wisconsin Administrative Code SPS 305 requires AST Installers, UST Installers, and Tank System Inspectors to obtain 12 Continuing Education Credits (CEC) within the 2 year certification period in order to renew their certification