Petroleum / Hazardous Liquids Storage Tanks Overview


  • Training and Continuing Education Opportunities: Lakeshor​e Technical College is offering training courses for indiv​iduals that would like to obtain DATCP credentials for aboveground storage tank installations, underground storage tank installations, and storage tank removals. Existing credential holders may also take the installation courses for continuing education credits. Please visit the Lakeshore Technical College website linked below for additional information.

About Us​​

The Bureau of Weights and Measures is responsible for the administration and regulation of the Wisconsin Administrative Code ATCP 93 - Flammable and Combustible Liquids. The Bureau’s administrative and regulatory functions include:

  • Reviewing of system design pre-installation ​plans for storage or dispensing system installation, modification or upgrade​
  • Registration of aboveground flammable and combustible liquid storage tanks
  • Permitting and registration of underground flammable and combustible liquid storage tanks
  • Inspection of flammable and combustible liquid storage tank systems
  • Maintaining the statewide aboveground and underground storage tank database
  • Adoption of technical standards
  • Credentialing individuals and companies working in storage tank-related specialties
  • Administering ATCP 93 Local Program Operator agents​

The Bureau of Weights and Measu​res can be reached by pho​ne at 608-224-4942, option 3, or by email at​. Additionally, a list of specific subject area contacts can be found on our Storage Tank Contacts page

​​Electronic Plan Review

The Bureau of Weights and Measures is now accepting electronic plan approval submissions for petroleum and hazardous liquids storage tank systems regulated by DATCP.​

To submit electronic plans for approval, please send the required form(s) and drawings to After the required forms and drawings have been received, DATCP will email an invoice for the amount due. Invoices may be paid online or by mail. No plan submission will be reviewed prior to receipt of payment for the required fees. Please submit plans either electronically or by mail, but not both.​ 

*Please note that the maximum total size for emails and attachments is 35MB. If a total submission exceeds the size limit, it will need to be sent via multiple emails. 

​​Find a Licensed Service Company or Technician

Storage Tank Database 

Click here to go to our searchable storage tank database. If you have questions regarding information in this database, please call 608-224-4942 and select option 3. 

Please note: if you need copies of records associated with the information in the database, you must submit a public records request. For more information, please visit our Public Records page.