SWRM Grant Program Working Manual: Section 3

Section 3 - Forms and Data Sheets

Section 3.1:  Forms 

​Form Number (ARM-LWR)Form NameRevision DateDocument TypeInstructions 
 112Certification and Cost-share Reimbursement Request

March 2018

ExcelAlternative Version - no formulas
 166Cost-share Contract Change Order

March 2018


Alternative Version - 97 Workbook

Alternative Cost-share Change Order - Windows 97

 200Extension Request for Cost-share Contracts March 2018 Word

County Cost-Share Extension Instructions

 255Cost-share Contract March 2018
 Word2017 SWRM Training (on Adobe Connect)
 260Acknowledgement Additional Landowner and Grant  Recipients 
March 2018
 297  Staffing and Support Reimbursement Form  June 2015 Excel
Staffing and Support Reimbursement Form Basics (June 2015 web-based tutorial)

 385Approval of DATCP Cost-share Grant Over $50,000 November 2013 Word 
 386Financial Disclosure AffidavitFebruary 2014 Word 
 387Addendum for CREP Equivalent Payment - 15 yearJune 2018 Word 
 388Addendum for CREP Equivalent Payment - Perpetual  Easement February 2006 Word 
 389Conservation Easement - Perpetual February 2006 Word 
 390Conservation Easement - 15 year February 2006 Word 
 407Cost-share Fund Transfer Agreement February 2014 Word  
 434Cost-share Reallocation for Discharges​December 2016 Word                 

Nutrient Management Checklist 2015 Standard

June 2017


 537Nutrient Management Farmer Education (NMFE) Reimbursement RequestJune 2016 Webpage 


Section 3.2:  Data Sheets

D​ata Sheet Number Guidance or Template NameRevision DateDocument Type
 1 CREP Equivalent Calculation Sheet April 2018 Excel
 2 Land Out of Production Calculation Sheet March 2010  Excel 
 3 Landowner/Operator Invoice February 2006  Word 
 4 County and Landowner Grant Application February 2006  Word
 5 Verification of Status and Authority February 2006  Word 


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