Moving Swine Within Wisconsin - Fairs, Exhibitions, and Shows

​Fairs, exhibitions, and shows may have additional requirements.  Be sure to consult the event rules. ​​Requirements are subject to change as conditions warrant.

Commercial swine — including rodeo side show, racing pigs, pet pigs, rescue pigs, and sanctuary pigs —​ moving within Wisconsin to a fair, exhibition, show, or other event must have the following:
  • Certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) with the complete physical origin and physical destination address and the following information:
    • Official identification is not required unless require​d by individual fairs/exhibitions/shows.
    • Statement that a veterinarian has inspected the entire herd of origin within the past 30 days before the show and that no apparent disease was present at the time of inspection. 
    • For shows or fairs from which all of the swine present are going directly to slaughter, no testing is required.
    • For all other shows or fairs with swine present, testing for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) is required as follows:
      • If Negative tests of herd of origin within 90 days prior to movement, pigs can move to fairs or shows as noted above. Documentation of the negative test results must be made available upon request. Test results, test type, and date of testing need to be included on the CVI.
      • If Positive tests for either PRRS or PED​v of herd of origin within 90 days prior to movement, the herd will be quarantined until a herd plan is established and approved. Swine may be able to move to the fair or show in accordance with the herd plan. Include the test results, test type, date of testing, and Herd Plan number on the CVI.
      • The herd of origin refers to the current herd with the current owner. The current herd of origin will be required to have had a test within 90 days of movement. If the current herd hasn't had a test before new pigs are added, that herd will need to be tested to be able to move pigs even if the newly added animals came from a herd that was already tested.