Commercial Feed Licensing and Tonnage Reporting

​Commercial Feed Licenses: Valid March 1 – February 28 and must be renewed annually. The license fee is $25.00 per license per year.

Current License holders receive renewal packets by mail, along with forms to report tonnage. New applicants can download application materials here.

Tonnage: Report annually and pay tonnage and inspection fee. Fees are either $50.00 or $0.25 per ton of feed distributed in or into Wisconsin, whichever is greater.​

A licensee is required to report commercial feeds and feed ingredients that it is the first to distribute in or into Wisconsin. If a feedstuff is not considered commercial feed (e.g. hay, unmixed whole corn, etc.), it does not need to be reported. Any commercial feed first distributed in or into Wisconsin by a third party is reportable by that entity and not the recipient. 

A Wisconsin Commercial Feed License is required for businesses that are:

  • Manufacturing, labeling, or distributing commercial feed (including dog and cat food and treats) and moving feed or feed ingredients in or into Wisconsin.

  • Manufacturers, labelers or distributors with no established place of business in Wisconsin that distribute commercial feed into Wisconsin need one license (one license fee covers all out-of-state sites).

  • A firm with out-of-state sites and just one site in Wisconsin need one license for all sites.

  • A firm with out-of-state sites and multiple sites in Wisconsin needs one license for all out-of-state sites plus an additional license for each Wisconsin site with manufacturing, labeling, or distribution activity.

A Wisconsin Commercial Feed License is not required for entities distributing only:

  • Packaged commercial feed in the original packages of a Wisconsin licensee with the licensee's original label (considered retail sales).

  • Bulk commercial feed in the form received from a Wisconsin licensee and as labeled by that licensee (except when comingled with other bulk loads of the same ingredient).

  • Feeds custom-mixed at the request of the final purchaser, using commercial feeds obtained from Wisconsin-licensed suppliers. 


Commercial Feed License Applications:

Tonnage and inspection fee report forms:

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