Farmland Preservation Zoning

A Farmland Preservation Zoning ordinance is: 

  • A locally crafted and administered ordinance that seeks to promote agricultural growth, restrict non-agricultural uses, and limit potential land use conflicts 
  • Consistent with or more restrictive than the provisions listed in Chapter 91
  • A program that makes landowners within a certified district eligible to claim a farmland preservation tax credit
  • ​Certified through application to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Helpful Resources

Farmland Preservation Zoning Talking Points
Local governments and landowners interested in establishing a farmland preservation zoning district in their municipalities can use these talking points to fuel a discussion on benefits of the program.

List of local jurisdictions with certified farmland preservation zoning ordinances for tax year 2018
This report includes a list of local j​urisdictions with a certified district. Contact your zoning authority if you are unsure whether your land is zoned in the farmland preservation zoning district.