Farm-Raised Deer Program

Here you will find an overview of the requirements for keeping and moving farm-raised deer in Wisconsin, including registration, recordkeeping, disease testing, movement and permit requirements.  

Basic Facts about Deer Farms in Wisconsin

The following reflects the deer farm industry in Wisconsin as of March 8, 2018:

Number of registered​​ deer farms in Wisconsin​376
Number of hunting ranches64 of the 376
Number of farms enrolled in the CWD herd status program​173
Number of farms with a CWD positive test since 2001​19
Number of herds depopulated as a result of a CWD positive​11

Useful Information

​List of Registered Deer Farms

List of Registered Hunting Ranches​

Map of registered deer farms, past and current CWD positive locations

CWD positives in farm-raised deer

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

United States Geological Survey

Certified USDA laboratories

Deer Keeper Organizations

​Whitetails of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Commercial Deer and Elk Farmer’s Association
Reindeer Owners and Breeders Association
North American Elk Breeder Association​