Deer Farm Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register?

  1. Submit a completed application along with applicable fees to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) to register your herd.
  2. Submit a completed application, free of charge, to the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) to register your premises.
  3. If you wish to move live deer, other than to slaughter, you must also enroll in the CWD Herd Status Program.
  4. If you wish to allow hunting of the herd, you must apply for a hunting preserve certificate.​

What are the requirements for keeping farm-raised deer in Wisconsin?

You are required to:

  • Register as a farm-raised deer keeper with DATCP every year (registration expires Mar​ch 15).
  • Register your farm, free of charge, as a livestock premises every three years.
  • Allow DATCP staff access to your herd for disease testing and inspection upon request.
  • Test farm-raised deer for CWD (see below)
  • Report any escapes to DATCP​ and to your local Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) warden within 24 hours
  • Obtain a DNR fencing certificate if whitetail deer are in the registered herd. See:
  • For non-whitetail deer fencing requirements:

You must not:

  • Add any wild deer into your herd.
  • Allow hunting of the herd without an approved hunting ranch certificate from DATCP.
  • Move dead deer (whole or part) from your premises without official ID or a dead tag number attached to each piece of the carcass and recorded in your records.
  • Commingle farm-raised deer and bovine unless all animals go directly to slaughter or both bovine and farm-raised deer herds are certified accredited tuberculosis-free or are tuberculosis (TB) qualified and have individual animal testing.
  • Intentionally release farm-raised deer.
  • Take no action to prevent escapes.
  • Feed or bait in a manner that may attract wild deer to the farm-raised deer fence.​

What are the fees to register my herd?

​15 or fewer deer not enrolled in the CWD Herd Status Program tha​t only move to slaughter ​
​15 or fewer deer enrolled in the CWD Herd Status Program
​More than 15 deer

What are the requirements for moving deer within Wisconsin?

By Wisconsin law, you may not move live farm-raised deer with​in Wisconsin unless the deer is:

  • Accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) signed by a Wisconsin certified herd veterinarian.
  • From a registered farm-raised deer herd that is enrolled in the CWD Herd Status Program with at least five years of disease status.
  • Identified with two forms of individual identification (one official and the second either official or unique to the herd). ​One of these IDs must be visible.
  • From one of the following:
    • An accredited TB-free herd.
    • A TB-qualified herd based on a whole herd test in the preceding 365 days.
    • A TB-monitored herd and has individually tested negative for TB no more than 90 days prior to the movement date and has remained in isolation since the test.
    • Is individually test negative on two TB tests conducted 90 to 270 days apart, the second performed within 90 days prior to movement and has been isolated from other farm-raised deer.
    • A herd that has completed a whole herd TB test and the animal to be moved has been individually TB tested within 90 days prior to the movement date, has been isolated from other farm-raised deer, and is moving to a Wisconsin registered hunt ranch​.

What are the requirements for moving deer to slaughter?

Farm-raised deer may be moved live to slaughter without meeting the above movement requirements if the deer is:

What are the requirements for importing deer into Wisconsin?

To move farm-raised deer into Wisconsin, you must register your herd and ensure the following is submitted to DATCP:

  • An import permit application (most often completed by the seller).
  • A CVI completed by the seller’s herd veterinarian that indicates compliance with import testing requirements for TB, brucellosis, appropriate CWD status, and official individual identification of each farm-raised deer. See the cervid movement page​ for more details.​

What are the requirements for exporting deer from Wisconsin?

To move FRD out of Wisconsin, check with the state of destination for any import requirements in addition to TB testing and 5 years of enrollment in the CWD herd status program.

When do I have to test for CWD?

See the CWD testing requirements page.

What herd records must be kept? 

See the record keeping requirements page​.