Deer Farms


To  keep FRD in Wisconsin, you must:

You must not:

  • Add any wild deer into your herd
  • Allow hunting of the herd without an approved Hunting Ranch Certificate from DATCP
  • Move dead deer (whole or part) from your premises without official ID or a dead tag number attached to each piece of the carcass and recorded in your records
  • Commingle FRD and bovine unless all animals go directly to slaughter
15 or fewer deer not enrolled in in CWD Herd Status Program that only move to slaughter$85
15 or fewer deer enrolled in the CWD Herd Status Program$162.50
More than 15 deer$325
By Wisconsin law, you may not move live FRD within Wisconsin unless the deer is:
  • Accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) signed by a Wisconsin certified herd veterinarian.
  • From a registered FRD herd that is enrolled in the CWD Herd Status Program with at least five years of disease status.
  • Identified with 2 forms of individual identification (one official and the second either official or unique to the herd). If moving FRD to a hunting ranch, one of these ID's must be visible.
  • From an accredited TB-free herd or has individually tested negative for TB no more than 90 days prior to the movement date and has remained in isolation since the test.
FRD may be moved live to slaughter without meeting the above movement requirements if the deer is:
  • Accompanied by a federal VS 1-27 or department permit
  • Tested for CWD as required
To move FRD into Wisconsin, you must register your FRD herd and ensure the following is submitted to DATCP:
  • An import permit application (most often completed by the seller)
  • A CVI completed by the seller’s herd veterinarian that indicates compliance with import testing requirements for TB, brucellosis, appropriate CWD status, and official individual identification of each FRD
To move FRD out of Wisconsin, check with the state of destination for any import requirements in addition to TB testing and 5 years of enrollment in the CWD herd status program