Dairy Rules Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Dairy Rules Advisory Committee (DRAC) is to advise the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) on actions to improve Wisconsin dairy rules. The committee will meet quarterly.

For​ the first year, core functions of the committee include: Establishing by-laws, officers, and procedures for the committee; and providing feedback on current rules and future priority areas for rule changes.


DRAC roster

The committee consists of no less than 12 people representing multiple stakeholder groups involved with the dairy industry in Wisconsin.

Member terms are fo​r two years, with six or more seats up for selection each year. To create the rotation of seats, initially half of the members will serve a one-year term, and half will serve a two-year term, as chosen at the first meeting. Members may serve more than one term, and up to three terms. Nominations are taken at the meeting preceding and the meeting at which a seat becomes open, with voting by current members at the latter meeting.​


Kate Angeles​, DATCP Laboratory Evaluation Officer​
Division of Food and Recreational Safety

(608) 416-0244