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​​Buying Clubs
Buying clubs attract consumers by advertising that members can buy goods at wholesale prices or reduced rates for a membership fee.

​​Direct Marketing
Wisconsin's direct marketing law protects consumers in sales made anywhere away from the seller's place of business.

Most consumers assume that all businesses at trade shows, fairs, or seminars are reputable. This can be a very expensive assumption.
Some gift cards are single-use, but others can be reloaded and used multiple times. Gift cards are federally regulated.

In-home sales parties can be a great opportunity, but there are several things you should know if you plan on attending or hosting.​

Thousands of consumers buy magazine subscriptions every year. Unfortunately, problems like unfair sales and billing errors can occur.

Mail Order/Unordered Merchandise
​​The Wisconsin Mail Order Law helps deal with a major mail order problem: failure to promptly deliver prepaid merchandise.

​​Do you love to shop? If so, you may be tempted by emails or ads that claim you can earn a living as a secret or mystery shopper.

​A negative option is a marketing plan that places the responsibility on the consumer, not the seller, to cancel a contract or order.

To make sure a product you are buying through a website is legitimate and priced appropriately, do some research first​.​
For the price gouging law to be enforced, the Governor must certify there is an emergency disrupting normal business transacti​ons​.

Rebates are offered for everyday purchases like toothpaste and shampoo as well as large ticket items like furnaces or a new car.​

Are you thinking of buying a new TV, refrigerator, couch or other “big-ticket” item? You may be considering the rent-to-own option​.
Misunderstandings about refund policies are common. Many problems can be prevented by understanding a business’s policies.

Safe Online Shopping Tips
The internet has fake ads, fraudulent websites, and scammers. But consumers​ can still​ have a safe online shopping experience​.​
Sales, refunds/returns, credit cards, loan offers, layaway, e-commerce and more — DATCP has one fact sheet to address all things shopping.
​​Surplus Goods ​and Government Sales
Most items in a surplus auction do not sell for unbel​ievably low prices. Government auction services usually sell goods at or below cost.

There can be big differences between the warranties of two similar products manufactured by different firms.