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As a parent, you have control of the personal information companies collect online from your children under the age of 13.

Before donating, selling or discarding your old computer, re​move all personal data​ from the hard drive to prevent identity theft.

Passwords are your first line of defense against cyber criminals while conducting online transactions or simply browsing the internet.
​​​​Internet businesses sound like the perfect job. The truth is, like any business opportunity, there is no safe way to get rich quick.
Social networking websites are a place for internet users to come together. As these sites grow in popularity, so do their risks.

Spam is commercial e-mails and text messages sent, often in bulk, to consumers without their prior request or consent.
Wi-Fi is a radio wave-based technology that allows devices to wirelessly connect to the internet, but not all networks are secure.

​​Safe Online Shopping Tips
The internet has fake ads, fraudulent websites, and scammers. But consumers​ can still​ have a safe online shopping experience​.​