Bedding Labeling

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​Wis. Stat. §​ 100.2095 requires proper labeling of bedding-related products in order to distinguish between remanufactured bedding made of secondhand material and bedding products manufactured of new material.

Summary of Wisconsin’s Bedding Labeling Law

The kinds of products subject to Wisconsin’s bedding labeling requirements include mattresses, upholstered springs, comforters, pads, cushions or pillows intended for sleeping or reclining.

Two types of bedding labels are specified under Wisconsin law – one for bedding manufactured of new material, and another label for secondhand bedding material. Each label must also include a description of the material used in the product, together with the name and address of the manufacturer and distributor or retailer.

Other highlights include:

  • No manufacturer, distributor or retailer may offer to sell or consign any article of bedding that is unlabeled or improperly labeled according to state law.

  • No manufacturer, distributor or retailer may consign or offer to sell any bedding article that contains material previously used in any hospital or by any person having an infectious or contagious disease.

  • No manufacturer, distributor or retailer may misrepresent bedding made of secondhand material as bedding manufactured of new material.

Violations are subject to civil or criminal penalties, as well as private remedies. Persons suffering pecuniary loss because of a violation may recover double damages plus court costs and attorney fees.

Obtaining further information

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) is an organization whose purpose is to promote bedding labeling law uniformity and disseminate bedding labeling information. The Association sells a booklet, entitled “Manual of Labeling Laws and Registration Requirements,” which includes details on the various individual state bedding labeling laws and federal regulations.

The ISPA can be reached at:

International Sleep Products Association
501 Wythe Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-1917

(703) 683-8371