Lodging Establishments

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) requires a Lodging permit for all lodging facilities in Wisconsin. Permits can be issued to individuals, partnerships, corporations or other legal entities.  Lodging facilities come in many forms. Common examples of lodging facilities requiring a DHS permit include: hotels, motels, B&Bs, row houses, cabins, cottages, lodges, homes, condos or rental rooms located above a business. This is not an all-inclusive list.

​DHS will evaluate new forms of lodging for permitting requirements as we are made aware of them.  DHS has defined a tourist or transient as "a person who travels to a location away from his or her permanent address for a short period of time for vacation, pleasure, recreation, culture, business or employment." Notice that, in the definition for tourists or transients, a person has to be away from his or her permanent address in order to meet the definition. It does not matter if the tourist or transient is there for the season, the month, a week, a day or less. If lodging is rented to a tourist or transient, it will require a permit.