Livestock Siting: Technical Expert Committee

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The livestock siting law requires that the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection convene a group of experts every four years to provide technical advice on the standards used in ATCP 51. This is the administrative rule that sets the standards that local governments must follow if they choose to regulate livestock siting.

The Technical Expert Committee reviewed the standards from 2014 to 2015, 2018 to 2019, and 2022 to 2023, issuing its recommendations to the Secretary of the department​.

Meeting agendas and materials

Technical Expert Committee 2022-2023 ​​

​December 22 Agenda | Presentation ​| Meeting Minutes​

January 27 Agenda ​​| Meeting Materials | Presentation | Meeting Minutes​

The January meeting of the Technical Expert Committee focused on review of the nutrient management standard under ATCP 51.16, Wis. Admin. Rule as well as associated application worksheet 3: Waste and Nutrient Management​

March 6 Agenda ​| Meeting Materials | Waste Storage Facilities Presentation | Runoff Management Presentation​ | Meeting Minutes

The March 6 meeting of the Technical Expert Committee focus​ed on review of the ​waste storage facilities standard under ATCP 51.18, Wis. Admin. Rule, runoff management standard under ATCP 51.20, Wis. Admin. Rule as well as associated application worksheet ​4: Waste Storage Facilities and application worksheet 5: Runoff Management​.

March 13 Agenda | Meeting Materials | Meeting Minutes

The March 13 meeting of the Technical Expert Committee focused on review of the runoff management standard under ATCP 51.20, Wis. Admin. Rule as well as associated application worksheet 5: Runoff Management​. This meeting is a continuation of business items originally proposed for the March 6 agenda.  ​

April 11 Agenda | Meeting Materials​ | Setbacks and Odor in ATCP 51​ Presentation ​|  Meeting Minutes

The April 11 meeting of the Technical Expert Committee​ focused on review of setbacks under ATCP 51.12, Wis. Admin. Rule for livestock structures and location on property​ as well as supporting documentation required by the application. The meeting also focused​ on review of ​the odor and air emissions standards under ATCP 51.14, Wis. Admin. Rule as well as associated worksheet ​2: Odor Management​

May 17 Agenda | Meeting Materials  |  Meeting Minutes​​

The May 17 meeting of the Technical Expert Committee focused on review of general standards, including records of decision making under ATCP 51.34(3), Wis. Admin. Rule; permit modifications and monitoring; and more stringent local standards under ATCP 51.10(3), Wis. Admin. Rule

June 14 Agenda | Meeting Materials  |  Meeting Minutes​​

The June 14 final meeting of the Technical Expert Committee reviewed and made edits to a draft of the Final TEC Report.​

TEC Final Report from 2023​

Letter of Transmittal​​ to DATCP Secretary

Technical Expert Committee 2018-2019

TEC Final Report 2019

Technical Expert Committee 2014-2015

TEC Final Report from 2015

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