Federal Re-Export Certificates (PPQ 579)

The same rules apply to these certificates as those for the 'phyto' or PPQ 577. The only difference is that the plants or plant products being shipped have recently entered the U.S. from a foreign country, but have not entered into U.S. commerce, and are intended to be re-exported back out of the U.S. to a foreign country.

You must provide the foreign 'phyto' with which the plants or plant products came into the U.S., to aid in issuing the re-export certificate.

You also must provide the requirements of the foreign country the plants or plant products are being shipped to, for those plants or plant products from the foreign origin.

Example: If you imported corn seed from Argentina into the U.S and intend to ship it back out from the U.S. to France, you must provide the Argentinian 'phyto' the seed came into the U.S. with, as well as the French requirements for Argentinian-origin corn seed.

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