International Export of Plants and Plant Products

​​To ship Wisconsin plants or plant products internationally, you may need to get a phytosanitary certificate, a certificate issued by the U.S or a state department of agriculture certifying to foreign governments that the products are free of pests and diseases.

​Types of Phytosanitary Certificates for International Shipments

Federal Phytosanitary Certificate (PPQ 577)

This certificate is used for raw or relatively unprocessed plants or plant products such as lumber, logs, nursery stock, grain, fruit, etc. 

Export Processed Plant Products Certificate (PPQ 578)

This certificate is used for processed plant products such as veneer, plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), etc.


Federal Re-Export Certificate (PPQ 579)

This certificate is used for the same materials as the Federal Phytosanitary Certificate (PPQ 577) described above, but the materials have been imported into the U.S. and will be re-exported back out to a foreign country right away.


Accessing PCIT Instructions.pdf and how to apply for a Phyto.