How to Apply for a Phytosanitary Certificate

​​Phytosanitary Certificate Issuing &Tracking System (PCIT)

All phytosanitary certificate applications need to be filled in and submitted using this online system. All three federal certificate types, as well as state phytosanitary certificates (state 'phytos'), can be applied for using PCIT. The PCIT system automates the issuance of a Phytosanitary Certificate, including collection and tracking of its related information. Thousands of industry users and hundreds of federal and state duty stations are actively using PCIT. 

What is a Duty Station?

A duty station is the state or federal office to which you choose to submit your phytosanitary certificate application. To submit your application to our office, you must select the Wisconsin, Madison (State) duty station from the drop down menu in PCIT as you're filling in your application. 

Important Things to Remember

  • Some plant or plant products may require additional inspections and/or testing to meet the requirements of the receiving country or state. The officials issuing your certificate will let you know after you submit your application if any additional testing or inspections are required. However, we encourage you to contact us to ask about the requirements to ship a specific plant or plant product to a foreign country or state before you arrange a shipment.
  • Apply for your phytosanitary certificate 7-14 days before you plan to ship your plants or plant products.
  • We generally can issue a certificate very quickly once you have applied for it, but we are allowed up to 10 days to process your application.

Replacing Phytosanitary Certificates

If you notice something that is incorrect on your phytosanitary certificate or you lost it, don't worry. You can email us to let us know and we will issue a replacement certificate for you. If your phyto needs a correction, email us and include what exactly needs to be corrected and we can go into PCIT and make the needed changes.

Each federal phyto replacement will cost $21, state phyto replacements are $15. Make sure to deposit sufficient funds into your PCIT account.

If your phyto needs to be replaced due to our error, there will be no cost for the replacement.​

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