Nutrient Management Trainings

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Fields, Waters and Woods AEA. Photo by Ashland County
SnapPlus and Nutrient Management 101​

This webinar is an introduction to Nutrient Management Planning and SnapPlus. During this webinar you will learn the “Why” behind nutrient management, requirements for writing a plan, and how to use SnapPlus to write a nutrient management plan. From the first time SnapPlus user to the seasoned user, this webinar will be a great overview of the Wisconsin Nutrient Management Program.​​

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SnapPlus Advanced: Learning Tips and Tricks

This webinar will dive more in depth into helpful tools with in SnapPlus that help speed up the plan writing process. It is advised to watch the SnapPlus and Nutrient Management 101 Webinar first if you are fairly new to nutrient management planning.

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Manure Injection
How to Review a Nutrient Management Plan and 590 Checklist

This webinar will dive into reviewing Nutrient Management Plans and the accompanying 590 Checklist. This webinar will help get a better understanding of nutrient management compliance requirements.

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Virtual Nutrient Management Training Curriculum
Virtual Nutrient Management Curriculum

This webinar will walk through how to use the new online self-paced NMFE curriculum. The webinar will walk through the virtual module and discuss how it can be used in training farmers to write their own nutrient management plans. DATCP will also provide guidance on how to certify farmers that use the virtual curriculum.

Online Nutrient Management Training Curriculum​

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2022 NMFE Grant Webinar

This webinar details the require​ments of the 2022 NMFE g​rant, including information on forms and FAQs.​

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