Concrete Design Standards for Pesticide and Fertilizer Storage

​Wisconsin's bulk storage rule for pesticides and fertilizers requires that new concrete mixing and loading pads and secondary containment structures be designed and constructed in accordance to these standards. The files below are chapters of Wisconsin Minimum Design and Construction Standards for Concrete Mixing and Loading Pads and Secondary Containment Structures, written by Professor David W. Kammel of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Biological Systems Engineering Department and UW-Extension.

Chapter 1: Functional System Design

Chapter 2: Secondary Containment Facility

Chapter 3: Mixing and Loading Pad

Chapter 4: Concrete Materials and Properties

Chapter 5: Concrete Design and Construction Details

Chapter 6: Concrete Specifications and Installation

Printed copies are available free by contacting Matt Laak, DATCP, PO Box 8911, Madison, WI 53708-8911, (608) 224-4518.

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