Clean Sweep Final Report Materials

​​Final reports are due 60 days after the Clean Sweep project is completed. If you cannot meet this deadline, contact the Clean Sweep Program coordinator.​

​Submitting the Final Report

When your project is complete, submit final report documents by email to Forms are located below.

Agricultural and Household Hazardous Waste Grants

Final report gui​delines

Grant match and expense reimbursement (complete one for agricultural grant and one for household hazardous waste grant)

Waste collection summary (all wastes are captured on this form)

In-kind labor worksheet (optional)

Local expense worksheet (optional)

Banned/cancel​ed products collected 

Agricultural waste subsidy qualification

Unwanted Prescription Drug Collection Grants

Final report guidelines

Grant match and expense r​eimbursement

Drug collection summary

In-kind labor worksheet (optional)

Local expense worksheet​ (optional)

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