Clean Sweep Final Report Materials

​​Final reports are due 60 days after the Clean Sweep project is completed. If you cannot meet this deadline, contact the Clean Sweep Program coordinator.

Online Final Report Submittal 

​You now have the option to submit your Clean Sweep final report documents including your narrative, expense reimbursement request and collection summary data, online. To submit an online final report through the Clean Sweep SharePoint site, you must set up an account through the Wisconsin Logon Management System (WILMS) or use an existing WILMS account.

Past SharePoint Users​

​If you submitted a grant using the SharePoint site previously, you can enter your username and password that you created previously. There is also an option to retrieve a forgotten username or password.

The Wisconsin SharePoint Guidance provides detailed instructions. Below are partial instructions.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. If you have forgotten your username or password, click the proper link on the right under the Help Menu.
  4. Once in the SharePoint site, you can view your application from 2019. You can also access paper copies of the applications.

First Time SharePoint Users

The Wisconsin SharePoint Guidance provides detailed instructions. Find the WILMS procedure in the SharePoint guidance document beginning on page 5. Be sure to write down your WILMS log-in and password when you reach that point. 

Below are partial instructions.​

  1. Go to​.
  2. Once you receive access to the Clean Sweep SharePoint site, you will find the online applications and supporting documentation as well as paper copies of the applications. You can complete portions of your application, save it, and return later. Then when you are ready to submit the application, you will be able to save and print a copy for your records. You will also be able to attach files to your application if needed. 
  3. If you plan to submit an agricultural waste or household hazardous waste grant and an unwanted prescription drug grant, you only need one WILMS account.

​Paper Final Report Submittal

Agricultural and Household Hazardous Waste Grants

Final report gui​delines

Grant match and expense reimbursement (complete one for agricultural grant and one for household hazardous waste grant)

Waste collection summary (all wastes are captured on this form)

In-kind labor worksheet (optional)

Local expense worksheet (optional)

Banned/cancelled products collected 

Agricultural waste subsidy qualification

Unwanted Prescription Drug Collection Grants

Final report guidelines

Grant match and expense r​eimbursement

Drug collection summary

In-kind labor worksheet (optional)

Local expense worksheet​ (optional)

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