Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program: Information for Counties

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This information will be helpful to county land conservation department staff who administer
the CREP program locally.

Getting Started

CREP Basic Tutorial for Counties​ (May 2015, Adobe ConnectTM)

Steps to establishing CREP easement or 15-year agreement (chart)

Easement process (flowchart showing responsibilities of each agency)

15-year agreement process (flowchart showing responsibilities of each agency)

Areas eligible for CREP (map)

Conservation practices (description)

Payment calculator (tool to estimate payments to landowner over the life of the contract)

G​eneral information and guidelines

Permanent Conservation Easements: Reconciling Conflicting interests in Land

Easement location protocol

Enrolled lands​ (map)

Perpetual Easements Provisions Guide​ (guide to allowable uses with CREP easements)

Required signatures and documentation for agreements

Map showing cash rent by county for non-irrigated crop land



Landowner transfer worksheet (ARM-LWR-420)

Buyout of 15-year agreement worksheet (ARM-LWR-397)

Materials reimbursement form (ARM-LWR-290)

Converting agreements to easements

Environmental benefits form (ARM-LWR-284)

County CREP annual reporting form​ (ARM-LWR-282)

W-9 Form​ (Rev. December 2014) 


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