Petitioning for Agricultural Enterprise Area (AEA) Designation

​The Department of Agriculture, Trade and         AEA Webinar 2020 Consumer Protection accepts AEA petitions requesting designation once a year. Wisconsin law allows up to 2 million acres to be designated as agricultural enterprise areas. Petitions are developed through the cooperation of the landowners and town and county governments where the proposed area is located.

For more information on petitioning for an AEA, please watch the short tutorial AEA 2020 Petition Period Update.


The 2020 Agricultural Enterprise Area petition cycle is open. Petitions for both newly designated AEAs and petitions for modifications will be due August 5th, 2020. Please contact Wednesday Jordan at with any questions, or to schedule an informational meeting regarding the petition process.

Agricultural Enterprise Area petitions for the 2020 cycle can be found below. Look to the petition instructions document for details on petition components, and submission.

Agricultural Enterprise Area modification petitions for the 2020 cycle can be found below. Look to the petition modification instructions document for details on modification components, and submission. A modification petition is used to amend an existing AEA, often times to add new landowners to a boundary.