Export Statistics

​​The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection provides statistics on top Wisconsin export markets and products. We obtain our statistics from WISERTrade.​


January - December 2018 Wisconsin Agriculture Export Highlights​

  • Wisconsin exported $3.5 billion of agricultural products to 143 countries in 2018, a decrease of -0.48 percent in value compared to the same period the previous year.
  • Wisconsin currently ranks 12th among U.S. states in agricultural exports.
  • Wisconsin ranked first in the export of ginseng roots, prepared/preserved cranberries, prepared/preserved sweet corn, raw furskins, and bovine semen. Wisconsin rank second in the export of whey and cheese.
  • Exports of dairy, eggs and honey products* in 2018 were valued at $282 million, a 5.48 percent decrease compared to the same period the previous year. Wisconsin ranks fourth among U.S. states in the export of these products.
  • Total US agricultural exports totaled almost $169 billion, an increase of 1.32 percent compared to the same time period the previous year.
  • Total Wisconsin exports, including manufactured goods were valued at $22.7 billion, a six percent increase from the same period last year.

*This does not include dairy derivatives such as lactose and casein.

Top Five Markets for Wisconsin Exports - Agricultural Products

Country, $ Value Export, % Growth

Canada,  $1.44 billion,  (-1.29%)

China,  $292.5 million,  (-2.35%)

Mexico,  $250.1 million  (-39.3%)

Korea, $215.3 million,  (20.35%)

Japan, $175.2 million, (20.56)

Top Five Products - Agricultural Exports

Product, Product Value, Export Percent Growth, Product Details

Miscellaneous Food, $366.2 million, (10.41%), Ingredients, sauces, yeasts, etc.

Prepared Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, $354.8 million, (3.73%), Prepared vegetables, fruit, nuts, other plant parts.

Dairy, Eggs and Honey, $282.2 million, (-5.48%),  Cheese, milk, whey, butter, lactose, etc.

Wood and Articles of Wood; Wood Charcoal, $269 million, (5.51%)

Edible Preparations of Meat, Fish, Crustaceans, etc., $245.7 million, (4.06%)

2018 Export Statistics (Printable document)