ATCP 51: Livestock Facility Siting Administrative Rule Revision

This item has been removed as an action item on the agenda for the November 7, 2019 DATCP Board Meeting. View the updated Board agenda here.

​​​​​The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection is revising ATCP 51, the administrative rule that regulates the local government approval of new or expanding livestock facilities in Wisconsin. The process includes opportunities for the public to comment on the proposed rule, and allows for changes to the proposed rule as a result of comments.

The Board of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection approved a scope statement in March 2016. This statement describes what the rule will address and serves as a guideline for department staff to write a proposed rule, called the hearing draft. The Board approved the hearing draft on July 10, 2019. 

The Department will update this page as the process moves forward.

​Proposed Rule Packet

The following link includes the proposed rule packet for the ATCP Board meeting on November 7th.  The meeting agenda can be found on the ATCP Board webpage.

Proposed rule packet - ATCP 51

Documents for Public Hearings 

This is the text of the rule as approved by the Board of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. The Board’s approval was only for the document to go to public hearing. It does not constitute final approval of the rule.  

Hearing draft

Background on Livestock Facility Siting - ATCP 51

Key Rule Revisions - ATCP 51

Hearings Presentation


Public hearings were held at six locations August 15-September 5 in Oshkosh, Eau Claire, Wausau, Madison, Onalaska and Spooner, with two separate hearings at each location. Written comments were accepted through September 13 via email, postal mail, and an online comment site. The public comment period has now closed.

Comments received during the official comment period

Comments received by ATCP Board prior to July 10, 2019 meeting

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