Bureau of Weights and Measures

​​The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade an​d Consum​er Protection (DATCP) conducts routine inspections to ensure that consumers receive their money's worth in Wisconsin stores. It also regulates petroleum storage tanks and fuel quality​. Find our weights and measures resources on this w​ebpage.​​

​​​What W​e D​o​​​​

  • Regularly monitor the accuracy of gas pumps, price scanners, scales, and package weights.
  • Investigate complaints involving ​w​eights and measures devices.
  • ​Review system design ​pre-installation plans for storage and dispensing system installations, modifications, and upgrades.
  • Permit, register, and inspect fl​ammable and combustible liquid storage tanks.
  • Inspect and test liquid petroleum products.
  • Credential companies and technicians who work with storage tanks and specific weights and measures devices​.​
  • Maintain the State of Wisconsin weight standards in the Wisconsin Weights and Measures Metrology Laboratory.
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​RVP Waiver: ​On April 19, 2024, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a waiver related to Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) requirements. Learn more.

ATCP 94: On, March 1, 2024, the final rule for Wis. Admin. Code ch. ATCP 94, Petroleum and Other Liquid Fuel Products, went into effect. ​The final rule may now be found in the state’s Administrativ​e Register on the Wisconsin Legislature’s website.

​​Race Gasoline: On March 7, 2024​, DATCP issued guidance that under certain con​ditions, sellers of race gasoline may use half-gallon unit pricing through December 31, 2024. Learn ​m​ore.​

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Weights and Measures

DATCP inspects and calibrates measuring devices
to ensure consumers get their money's worth.




Petroleum and Storage Tanks

Storage tank systems for petroleum and
hazardous liquids are regulated by DATCP.



​Licensing, Permitting, and Registration

Learn about​ requirements for service companies,
weights and measures devices, and storage tanks​.



Service Companies and Technicians

Service companies and technicians in Wisconsin
must be certified or licensed by DATCP.



Laboratory Services

Thousands of tests are conducted every year in
DATCP's metrology and fuel quality lab.



Training and ​Continuing Education

Tank installers and system inspectors must
receive continuing education to remain certified.