Using Soil Fumigants

​​Soil fumigants are pesticides that are applied to soil to control weeds and pests in the soil. They form a gas that ​moves into the air and may move off the site hours to days after application. Because of this potential off-site movement, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection require extensive safety measures to protect agricultural workers and others who spend time near fumigated fields.

In some cases, Wisconsin law is stricter than EPA, or label, requirements for soil fumigant use. You need to comply with whichever requirement is stricter. Wisconsin law is found in ATCP 30. 22. See EPA vs. Wisconsin requirements at right for details.

Note: DATCP does not require applicators to provide advance notification of soil fumigant treatments unless they use chemigation. However, Native American tribes may require notification for applications on tribal land. Applicators need to work with them directly.


Buffer Zones

Difficult-to-Evacuate Sites

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