Shipping Houseplants

​​​​If you are moving your household to another state or country and you want to take your houseplants with you, we will inspect them to certify that they are free of insects and diseases.

Having your houseplants inspected and certified pest-free avoids costly delays and the possibility that your plants may be rejected or destroyed at your destination.  Houseplants moved to states such as Arizona, Calfornia, Oregon, Florida, Hawaii and Washington are especially likely to be rejected if they do not have certification.

Following the inspection, we will issue a plant health certificate that will accompany your plants to their new destination and certify them as being free of any injurious pests and diseases. 

To get your houseplants inspected:

  • You can email or call us, ideally about 21 days prior to your move, to let us know you are moving and would like your houseplants inspected. Be sure to include the following information:
    • Moving date
    • Your current address in Wisconsin
    • Your new address and new state to which you will be moving
    • Current phone number and best times to call
    • Best time for inspection
    • Number and species of plants you'll be taking with you
  • After the inspection, we will issue a plant health certificate or state phytosanitary certificate for you to take with you on your move.

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