SWRM Grant Resources: Section 2

​​​​​​​​Policies and Procedures

​Section Num​ber

 Document NameRevision DateDocument Type
Staffing Grant GuidanceFebruary 2018 PDF
Cost-Share Funding Source Table and NR 151 Coding​​​​
October 2022
 2.3Watershed Code GuidanceFebruary 2018 PDF 
 2.4Over $50,000 DATCP Cost-Sharing Requirements
April 2019 PDF
 2.5Criteria for Land Out of Production and CREP EquivalentJuly 2018 PDF
 2.6Cost-Sharing: From Contracting to Project CompletionJuly 2019 PDF
 2.7Reallocation of DATCP Reserve FundsApril 2019 PDF
 2.8Nutrient Management Cost-Sharing FAQFebruary 2018 PDF
 2.9Cultural Resources Procedure for DATCP Cost-Share  ProjectsApril 2016 PDF
 2.10Guidance for Required Notice of Continuing ComplianceFebruary 2017 PDF

Step Chart: CREP-Equivalent Payments

July 2018 PDF
 2.12 Landowner/Grant Recipient Notarization Table​
March 2018



Kim Carlson, kim.carlson@wi.gov, (608) 224-4610
Susan Mockert, susan.mockert@wi.gov, (608) 224-4648
Jennifer Heaton-Amrhein, jennifer.heatonamrhein@wi.gov, (608) 224-4634


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