Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Plan Development Process

​​The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection contracted with researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to develop a pollinator protection plan. The plan is intended to provide resources for Wisconsin residents to help in pollinator protection and conservation, and identify voluntary actions that the general public and stakeholder groups can take to help.

We held three stakeholder meetings that provided a discussion forum for representatives of stakeholder groups.  A draft of the plan was made available for public comment from January 19 - February 19.  Comments were incorporated into the final working document which was made available in April, 2016.

 Pollinator protection plan stakeholder meeting

Notes from August 12 PPP meeting

Notes from September 30 PPP meeting

Notes from November 24 PPP meeting

PPP Public Comments Summary

What the Pollinator Protection Plan is:

  • The Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Plan is an educational resource meant to provide voluntary guidance and scientifically sound information for broad audiences. Users are encouraged to pull relevant information from this document to serve their specific needs or those of their organizations.

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