Food Safety Resources for Children and Teens

​​A growing number of children are preparing their own snacks and meals and many will take their first job in the food service industry.  With reports of foodborne illnesses making headlines, many people have become increasingly concerned about the safety of the food they eat.  

​The resources we have here will teach food safety measures that youth can take to ensure that the food they eat or prepare is safe.  Take a look of these interactive, hands-on activities to learn about the four basic food safety concepts:  proper handwashing, keeping cooking areas clean, keeping food at safe temperatures, and preventing cross-contamination of food.  

It is important for youth to practice food safety to lower their risk of getting sick and spreading diseases to others. Here are links for youth to learn more about food safety.

Kids' Home Page

The Food & Drug Administration has a food safety quiz for kids.

Fight BAC (bacteria)

Youth can color, play games, and have fun with other activities on this Partnership for Food Safety Education web site.

Safe Food: It's Your Job Too!

A series of four safety lessons appropriate for teenagers from Iowa State University Extension.​

Safe Food Park

Take a ride through Safe Food Park to learn about safe food handling in this interactive computer game. 

Kids World--Food Safety​

Food safety information from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Includes a condensed version of the FDA's "Bad Bug Book."​

Nourish Interactive

A wide variety of free food safety printables for all age groups. 

Disease Detectives

Meet Dr. Asthma and Vector Victor to learn about disease detection and how the CDC investigates. 


Information directed at teens about how to avoid the spread of bacteria when buying, preparing and storing food.