Fish Health

​​​​Fish health is as important to fish farmers as livestock health is to any other farmer, to preserve their bottom line, to assure safe food for consumers, and to protect Wisconsin's environment.

Veterinary Approach

Wisconsin is a national leader in dealing with fish health from a veterinary perspective. Learn just what this means for fish farmers, veterinarians, and consumers. Most of us are accustomed to thinking of veterinarians as treating farm animals such as cows, hogs, horses, sheep and goats - even captive wild animals like elk. Or we think of them taking care of our pets - dogs, cats, perhaps ferrets or birds. But what could a veterinarian possibly do for a fish-patient? Aquaculture veterinarians are pioneers - it's a new field and a new approach in fish farming.​ 

Fish Health Advisories

From time to time, the Animal Health Division issues advisories to fish farmers and anglers about fish diseases that have been found in Wisconsin or other states. The advisories explain the disease, list where it has been found, and advise farmers and anglers what to do to prevent the disease or if they suspect they have found it.

Qualified Fish Health Inspectors

Wisconsin has trained aquaculture specialists to meet the administrative rule requirements for fish health inspections. These individuals are trained to complete Fish Health Certificates for movement of live fish and fish eggs into and through the State of Wisconsin.​