Farmland Preservation Planning: Materials for Counties

​In Wisconsin, Farmland Preservation Plans are nonbinding guidance documents that help local governments establish ​policies to protect farmland for the future. ​​​

​​Counties must meet requirements for plan certification which include a clear articulation of county policies related to preserving farmland and promoting agricultural development, including development of enterprises related to agriculture. 

DATCP may certify a revised plan for up to 10 years. A county must submit a completed application form, cover memo along with required text and maps in its application for certification.  

Application for Certification of a County Farmland Preservation Plan ​​

Under s. 91.14(4), Wis. Stats. or Admin. Rule ATCP 49.10(2), counties may request a delay of the expiration date of a county's certified farmland preservation plan for up to 2 years with a written request. Contact if you wish to request an extension for your county.


For a complete list of planning requirements, please review Chapter 91, Wis. Stats. and Administrative Rule ATCP 49​