Attending Events Outside Wisconsin

Wisconsin does not have specific export requirements for animals leaving the state. Please contact the state or nation of destination to learn their import requirements.

However, there are rules for Wisconsin animals returning after participating in a show or event in another state. Except as noted below, if an animal meets the import requirements of the state of destination and returns without changing hands to the Wisconsin premises of origin while the certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) is still valid, the animal may return on the same CVI. If the CVI has expired, the animal must meet the testing and paperwork requirements for its species and the state from which it is returning.

Horse owners are strongly encouraged to remember Wisconsin’s calendar-year EIA testing requirements for importing horses. If the CVI for your animals expires while you are out of state, not only will you need to get a new CVI to return to Wisconsin, you will also need to get new EIA tests if the tests are not from the current calendar year.

Rules for the Minnesota State Fair

Cattle and goats that meet Minnesota’s import requirements may attend the Minnesota State Fair and return to Wisconsin without a quarantine or TB test. The current rules went into effect October 2010.  The Minnesota State Fair health regulations for bovine tube​​rculosis can be found here. More information can be found at the Minnesota Board of Animal Health website.

Rules for cattle and goats going to Michigan's MA and MAA zones

​Wisconsin cattle and goats attending events in Michigan's MA and MAA zones and returning without a change in ownership must meet specific rules in order to return to Wisconsin. These rules apply only to the federal Modified Accredited and Modified Accredited Advanced zones in Michigan. They do not apply to the federal TB-Free zone. 

If the show or class requires all the Michigan cattle/goats to meet Wisconsin’s TB testing import requirements – negative individual TB test within 60 days of import regardless of age AND negative whole-herd TB test within 12 months for all animals one year and older – Wisconsin animals may return from the event without being quarantined or TB-tested

If the show or class does not require all the Michigan cattle/goats to meet Wisconsin’s TB testing import requirements, any Wisconsin animals returning from the event must be:

  • quarantined to the Wisconsin premises to which they return
  • TB-tested between 60 and 90 days after the date of return
    • With a negative TB test, the animals are released from quarantine
    • Only the animals that attended the Michigan event are confined to the property by the quarantine; other animals may leave the premises
    • During the quarantine, animals returning from the event in Michigan may be comingled with the non-event animals on the premises but comingling is at the owner’s risk

Cattle and goats purchased at a show or sale in Michigan's MAA or MAA zones that does not meet Wisconsin's TB testing import requirements must​ mee​​t the regular import requirements by species.