Agricultural Chemical Storage and Containment

​​​​​​The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) regulates firms that store bulk fertilizers and pesticides u​nder its containment program​. This program also covers mixing and loading pesticides. 

Fertilizer and Pesticide Bulk Storage Rules, ATCP 33, Wisconsin Administrative Code​ 

Text of the administrative code governing fertilizer bulk storage.

Concrete Design Standards 
Required standards for new concrete mixing and loading pads and secondary containment structures 

Mixing and Loading Rules, ATCP 29.45, Wisconsin Administrative Code​ 
Text of administrative code that deals with mixing and loading any amount of pesticide

Sample Discharge Response Plan (Fillable MS Word format) 
Generic plan that bulk storage facilities can adapt to meet the requirement for pesticide and fertilizer spill response plans

Dry Fertilizer Dust Protection

Concrete Design Contractors​​ Updated July 21, 2020​ 

Contractors that have designed structures for agrichemical containment that meet legal requirements​

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