Organic Farming and Food

​​​Our job

Our job is to build the capacity and expertise of Wisconsin organic food businesses and organizations to help bring more Wisconsin organic food products to market to fulfill growing consumer demand.

Our methods

  • One-on-one outreach & technical assistance (phone, email, farm visits, conference & field day presentations/booths)
  • Coordination of the Organic Advisory Council
  • Partnering with other agencies to support research and educational programs
  • Administration of the federal Organic Certification Cost Share program

Programs and Activities

Organic Certification Cost-Share Program

Note: The application period for the organic cost share program is closed. The next round of funding will be announced this summer.

The program helps organic farmers and processors pay for organic certification. Funding comes from the federal government, and the program is administered through DATCP.

Organic Consumer Guide

Organic Consumer Guide and other promotional and educational materials that support the growth of organic food production and sales in Wisconsin.

Organic Advisory Council

Twelve-member Council provides guidance to the Secretary of Agriculture, the Governor, the Legislature, and other state agencies on actions that can be taken to further the Wisconsin organic industry.


Wisconsin Local Food Marketing Guide

A 106-page guide for food producers interested in entering local food markets

Status Report

Organic Agriculture in Wisconsin: 2017 Status Report

Report compiled in conjunction with the Center for Intergrated Agriculture Systems.


Angie Sullivan
Organics and Grazing Specialist
(608) 224-5095

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