Bureau of Weights and Measures - Applicable Laws

DATCP's Bureau of Weights and Measures standardizes commercial weights and measures to combat fraud, tests fuel quality to ensure that it meets international standards, and enforces environmental regulations related to storage tanks.  The Bureau tests commercial scales, gasoline pumps, price scanners and measuring devices, and enforces fair packaging and labeling requirements.

The Bureau of Weights and Measures enforces the following laws and rules:

  • Weights and Measures (Wisconsin Statutes chapter 98)

  • Fair Packaging and Labeling (ATCP 90, with DATCP's Division of Food and Recreational Safety). This rule applies to all packaged consumer commodities, including food and beverages.

  • Selling Commodities by Weight, Measure or Count (ATCP 91)

  • Weights and Measures (ATCP 92)

  • Flammable, Combustible and Hazardous Liquids (ATCP 93)

  • Petroleum Products (ATCP 94; Wis. Stats chapter 168)

  • Fuel Quality (ATCP 94)

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sales (Wisconsin Statutes chapter 98; ATCP 92)

  • Weights and Measures Service Companies (ATCP 92)

  • Commercial Vehicle Scales (Wis. Stats. 98.16)

  • Gasoline Advertising (ATCP 113)

  • Ozone-Depleting Refrigerants (Wisconsin Statutes section 100.45 and Wisconsin Administrative Code chapter ATCP 136)