Frequently Asked Questions

​​​How can Something Special from Wisconsin™ contribute to the success of my business?

The Something Special from Wisconsin™ program can help your product or service stand out above the competition. It gives you a "Wisconsin" brand identity that consumers recognize as top quality and high value. SSfW provides a quick and reliable way to identify genuine Wisconsin products and services at grocery stores, retail outlets, farmers' markets, restaurants, and other venues throughout the state. Whether you market your products and services locally, reg​ionally, nationally, or internationally, the SSfW logo brings recognition and credibility, building upon Wisconsin's reputation for providing some of the finest products and services available. SSfW labeled products also enjoy a strong competitive edge with consumers, with surveys indicating that over 70 percent of Wisconsin consumers are more likely to purchase a commodity made or grown in Wisconsin than one from outside the state.

What are some other benefits of joining the Something Special from Wisconsin™ program?

First of all, member companies gain more market exposure with the program by being listed in the SSfW Membership Directory which is distributed all over the state, nation, and world, as well as downloadable from the DATCP website. Another benefit is the chance to participate in trade shows and exhibits at a reduced cost, saving companies hundreds of dollars in booth fees at events like the Madison Food and Wine Show, etc. There are also many other promotional opportunities, including the chance to have Wisconsin's agricultural ambassador, Alice in Dairyland, feature your company in media interviews around the state, as well as the opportunity to have your product featured in stage presentations at the Wisconsin State Fair. Members also receive a "starter kit" for new members, that contains free posters, buttons, stickers, signs, bags, and window clings - all containing the logo.

I just started my business. Am I large enough to be considered for the program?

Any business, no matter how big or how small, may participate in the SSfW program. You can apply to use the SSfW logo if at least 50 percent of the value of your product or service is attributable to Wisconsin ingredients, production or processing activities.

Do I have to produce a food product to be a member?

Although the program originally began for use with agricultural products only, the law has been amended to include all products that are produced, grown, manufactured, or processed in Wisconsin and are not imitation. This includes the opportunity for organizations and associations to join.

My company doesn't produce a product. How can we benefit?

If advertising a Wisconsin service, the logo could be used on buttons, stickers, brochures, reports, banners, posters, point of purchase displays, radio and television ads, bumper stickers, PowerPoint presentations, company vehicles, and outdoor and online advertising. When a company joins the program, they have the option of requesting an electronic version of the logo for their use. The logo is very versatile. It has been applied to everything from cookbook titles to convention themes!

How much does it cost to join?

The annual membership year goes from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. The annual fee is based upon a company's gross annual sales and ranges from $0 for non-profits to $200 for those companies grossing $500,000 or above. Please see the membership application for more details.

Who should I call if I have additional questions?

More information about the SSfW program is available by email at