Truckers, Dealers, Markets & Feed Lots

​​Generally, you must be licensed in Wisconsin to act as an animal trucker, dealer, or market. Additionally, vehicles used to haul animals in connection with those businesses must be licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). This is separate from your vehicle registration issued by the Department of Transportation.​

 A feedlot is not required to hold an approved import feedlot permit, however, feeder cattle imported directly to an approved feedlot are exempt from certain import restrictions and pre-import testing requirements.​

Commissioned Buyers: You May Require a License

Commissioned buyers, please be aware of the following rule clarification concerning license requirements for those of you who are working as agents on behalf of slaughter facilities or other businesses.

If you are a buyer purchasing animals as an employee of a separately licensed dealer, market, or slaughtering establishment and work for that business entity exclusively, you do not require a dealer license.

If you are a buyer purchasing animals on commission for one or more businesses ​and are not an employee, you must be licensed as an animal dealer.

Questions should be directed to DATCP’s Division of Animal Health at (608) 59​0​-8519.

Apply and pay online at MyDATCP

The license application links will take you to the MyDATCP online licensing site. Please read the directions carefully. Your application is not complete until we have received the completed forms and your payment. Please note that the applications also include applications for vehicle registration.​