Web Mapping Applications

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Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Detections and Quarantine Look-Up
Emerald Ash Borer quarantines, detections, and reporting information search by address

Implements of Husbandry (IoH) and Agriculture Commercial Motor Vehicle (Ag CMV) Requirements
Farmers, custom operators and others may use this site to look up town, county and state agricultural equipment weight restriction requi rements and permitting contacts in their area. 

Livestock Siting  
Citizens and businesses use this site to determine if their property lies within a city, village, town, or county with a siting ordinance, access g eneral information about permit requirements, and find links to related contacts and websites.

Farmland Preservation 
Landowners use this site to determine if their property lies within a farmland preservation plan area or an agricultur al enterprise area (AEA) and to obtain additional information about farmland preservation program benefits. 

Atrazine Prohibition Areas 
Identify the areas where Atrazine herbicide use is prohibited.

WI Gypsy Moth 'Slow the Spread' Treatment Sites
Landowners use this site to determine if gypsy moth spraying will occur over or near their property.

Wisconsin Drainage Districts  
Citizens use this site to determine if their property lies within a drainage district, or not. Properties in a drainage district are as sessed a local fee for maintenance of the drainage system. Landowners can determine if they are correctly being assessed this fee, and identify local drainage board members to contact with questions or concerns.

Wisconsin Farm to School 
View participation in the USDA Farm to School program and identify potential marketing opportunities.

Specialty Meats Made in Wisconsin  
Locate specialty meat processors and producers in Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin 590 Nutrient Management Restrictions 
Farmers, crop consultants, and government agencies use this web map to identify nutrient application restrictions for the Wisconsin NRCS 590 Nutrient Management Practice Standard and create field-level maps for nutrient management plans. 


Weights and Measures General Inspection Contacts 
Search by address to look up DATCP weights and measures inspector and supervisor contacts for gas pumps, scales, price scanners, and petroleum storage tanks.

Humane Officer Contacts
Search by address to identify a human officer in your area to report concerns about animal abuse or neglect.

Nursery and Christmas Tree Inspection Contacts
Search by address to look up DATCP nursery and Christmas tree inspection contact information.

Story maps

Agricultural Enterprise Areas: 2011-2012, 2013 to present:
Agricultural enterprise areas, or AEAs, are a tool communities may use to preserve farmland and develop their agricultural economies. Learn more about the many unique AEAs in Wisconsin that have been designated through the cooperation of landowners and local town and county governments.

DATCP Producer-Led Protection Grants
Explore the innovative producer-led projects throughout Wisconsin's watersheds funded by the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection's Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grant Program.

Hazelnuts: History, Research and Marketing in WI and the Midwest
Learn more about the potential for a hazelnut industry in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.