Veterinary Professional Assistance Program


  • Webinar on Thursday, Sept. 29, 7-8 p.m.: Understanding​ and Preventing Suicide. (presented by Chip Cosby). Register for the event.
  • New health resources: Check out the VPAP's latest resources offering summer safety and wellness tips. Read more.​

​​​The Veterinary Professional Assistance Program (VPAP) offers guidance and assistance with family issues, finding child and adult care​, workplace concerns, legal and financial issues, stress, health and wellness, and any other​ issues that concern veterinary ​professionals. It also offers personal, confidential guidance, coaching and counseling for all veterinary professionals and their household memb​ers.

VPAP_logo_4c.pngServices are confidential ​and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. VPAP services include:

  • Flexible options that include counseling​ sessions -- in-person and/or by phone.
  • Access to professionals who can​ assist with issues across disciplines, collaborating to address your concerns and help to efficiently solve your personal and work issues.
  • Access to life coaches who can help you reach your personal goals.
  • ​Customized referrals and educational materials with verification of availability and vacancy.
  • Mobile app that includes discounted offerings like the MyLife meditation app.
  • Dedicated website offering expert articles, assessments, resource finders, interactive tools, checklists, podcasts and webinars.​​​

The Wisconsin Veterinary Examining Board​ (VEB) assumes all​ costs for this program for veterinary professionals and their household members. If additional assistance is necessary, referrals will take into account your preferences, medical plans and financial circumstances.

This program is confidential, even to the VEB, so do​ not be concerned that using this service will impact your credential. The VEB will have no knowledge of individual utilization.​​

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