Veterinary Professional Assistance Program

​​ Fall Mental Health Update🍂

As fall settles in with its cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, we turn our attention to an essential topic: mental health. October 10 marks World Mental Health Day, a global initiative established by the World Federation for Mental Health in 1992. Moreover, October is dedicated to Depression Awareness Month. While we've come a long way in destigmatizing mental health, the need for this conversation persists. According to the July 2023 TELUS Mental Health Index, 24 percent of U.S. workers face a high mental health risk, with 41 percent at a moderate risk. Access the full report and past findings here.

🍁Recognizing World Mental Health Day!
On October 2, we're launching a microsite: "Nurturing Mental Wellness: Cultivating Compassion in the Workplace." This platform will feature articles and videos—our commitment to supporting your employees' well-being with fresh mental health resources. Visit the links below for more information:
Complimentary October Trainings:
Mental Health: The New Workplace Pandemic
1 p.m. EST, October 10, 2023 {Thought Leadership}
In celebration of World Mental Health Day, join TELUS Health as we take a deep dive into mental health in the workplace, providing insights as well as tips and tricks on understanding and supporting others.
Dealing with Serious Sleep Issues
2 p.m. EST, October 13, 2023 {All Employees}
Check out this program where you’ll explore sleep disorders and their causes. ​​You will identify ways to address insomnia and leave with helpful resources.

2 p.m. EST, October 27, 2023 {All Employees}
What is addiction and how does someone become addicted? Is there someone in your life dealing with addiction? This webinar will help you understand the symptoms, components, and myths of this disease.

Upcoming VPAP Webinars:
Boosting Your Positive Outlook
12 p.m. to 1 p.m.​, October 17, 2023
Consistently focusing on the negative side of an issue can greatly contribute to stress. When thinking this way, physical changes take place in the body’s chemistry increasing stress levels and affecting performance and well-being. This seminar will help participants understand the ways in which this seemingly automatic negative thinking occurs, recognize its typical manifestations, and develop a process for tackling negative thoughts effectively. Register here

​​​The Veterinary Professional Assistance Program (VPAP) offers guidance and assistance with family issues, finding chi​ld and adult care​, workpla​ce concerns, ​lega​l and financial issues, stress, health and well​​ness, and any other​ issues that concern veterinary ​professionals. It also offers personal, co​nfidential guidance, coaching and counseling for all veterinary professionals and their household memb​ers.

VPAP_logo_4c.pngServices are confidential ​and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. VPAP services include:

  • Flexible options that include counseling​ sessions — in-person and/or by phone.
  • Access to professionals who can​ assist with issues across disciplines, collaborating to address your concerns and help to efficiently solve your personal and work issues.
  • Access to life coaches who can help you reach your personal goals.
  • ​Customized referrals and educational materials with verification of availability and vacancy.
  • Mobile app that connects to tools on topics ranging from family and life to health, finances and work. 
  • Dedicated website offering expert articles, assessments, resource finders, interactive tools, checklists, podcasts and webinars.​​​

Visit to access services, assessment tools, free webinars, and much more from the VPAP. Use login: VPAP and password: resources.

The Wisconsin Veterinary Examining Board​ (VEB) assumes all​ costs for this program for veterinary professionals and their household members. If additional assistance is necessary, referrals will take into account your preferences, medical plans and financial circumstances.

This program is confidential, even to the VEB, so do​ not be concerned that using this service will impact your credential. The VEB will have no knowledg​e of individual utilization.​​​

Note: The Veterinary Professional Assistance Program (VPAP), formerly hosted by LifeWorks, has changed their name to TELUS Health One. This name change went into effect in August 2023. This change does impact the services and benefits you have access to. You can continue to use all of the features, tools, and services that have been provided through LifeWorks. The new name of TELUS Health One represents the organization's commitment to connecting mental, physical, and financial wellbeing services, so you can more easily access a broad range of support from a single point of entry at any point in your wellbeing journey. ​There will be no change to the process to contact the VPAP. The phone number, log in credentials, and password will remain unchanged, and the website will continue to provide access to all VPAP resources. For questions, email