Spongy Moth on Your Property

​​​Private property owners may have a number of concerns related to spongy moth (Lymantria dispar). Here is how you can address the primary ones:​

If you believe you have found, or have​ confirmed, sp​ongy moth on your property

If you live in a non-quarantined county, call (608) 642-MOTH or email spongymoth@wisconsin.gov. Please provide a name, phone number, and address of your property including township, village or city.

​If you live in a quarantined county, you can learn more about managing spongy moth on yard trees and in your woodlot at spongymoth.wi.gov​.

If you are moving from a quarantined county to a non-quarantin​ed area in or out of Wisconsin

You will need to certify that your outdoor items are free of spongy moth. Get details.

If spongy​ moth trappers or surveyors enter your property

We will try to contact you to ask permission, but if we​ cannot reach you, our trappers and surveyors may enter your property and leave information for you with contact information. Learn more about trapping and surveying.


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