Ratite Movement

​​​This information is current as of May 20, 2020.

There are currently no changes to Wisconsin import requirements due to COVID-19.

Ratites are mostly flightless birds including ostrich, rhea, emu, and kiwi. 

Importing Ratites From Outside Wisconsin 


  • Certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) with physical destination address
  • Import permit number

Not required:

  • Official individual identification
  • Testing or other statements on the CVI

To bring a ratite into Wisconsin, the animal must have a current certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI). While official identification is not required, if the animal does have official ID it must be included on the CVI. An import permit is also required before the animal enters the state. No specific tests or vaccinations are required.​

Please Note: The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection recommends, but does not require, that every ratite imported into Wisconsin be isolated on the recipient’s premises for at least 14 days, and that the bird be tested for avian influenza before being allowed to commingle with other ratites or poultry.

Moving Ratites Within Wisconsin 

Wisconsin does not have specific requirements for moving ratites within the state of Wisconsin.

Exporting Ratites Out of Wisconsin

Wisconsin does not have specific export requirements for ratites. Please contact the state or nation of destination to learn the import requirements.