Producer-Led Webinar Series

​​​PLWPGFieldDay.jpgPlanting New Ideas, Growing Conservation: Producer-Led Webinar Series in 2020

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  • July 14 at noon: Hosting virtual events and other planning tools for 2020​
  • August 11

Previous Webinars

  • March 17: Interseeding rye into standing soybeans 
  • April 7: Planting corn into standing rye
  • May 12​: Alternative forages
  • June 9: Increasing profitability with precision agriculture

Listen to recordings​ of past webinars.​

Hosted by DATCP and UW-Discovery Farm​s. This webinar series, delivered in a podcast format, will cover a range of conservation topics that producer-led groups around the state are focusing on. Each webinar will include the farmer perspective and will have time for plenty of Q&A and discussion.


  1. Facilitate farmer exchange to problem solve, try new things and innovate
  2. Provide space for farmers and partners to ask questions about the DATCP program
  3. Collect information about what is working, what is challenging and what practices are being tried
  4. Provide resources for farmer-led groups
  5. Evaluate the success of the webinars through surveys and interactive webinars